Sr. No. Name Qualification Desgination
1 Mrs. Sunita Upadhye   Librarian
2 Shri. Nitin Deshpande   Asst. Librarian

Important Rules of Library

  • Readers should have his Identity Card kept at the entrance before entering in the Reading room.
  • A unique registered Barrowers ticket no. will be allotted to each reader who is eligible for home lending.
  • Reader’s card will be issued to each registered user. User will have to produce this card at the time of each transaction. User should inform immediately in case of loss or readers card. In such situations library dues will be carried forward as per the record.
  • If a registered reader wishes to refer a reference book of the library in respective reading room.
  • Library offers closed access for the students. The student is expected to give names of 2-3 books on the demand slip, which is kept at the circulation counter. The staff will give available documents.
  • Student should always keep his / her identity card with him/her and should produce whenever asked for.
  • Student should produce the identity card / borrower ticket at the circulation counter at the time of borrowing or returning of the book.
  • Documents not pertaining to the library are not allowed for reading in the reading room.
  • Users are required to check the pages of the document while getting issues. If any mutilation is observed, the reader who is processing the book will be held responsible and will be eligible for action as per rules.
  • Users are required to follow rules and regulation in library.
  • Users are expected to observe silence in the library.
  • Books taken under home lending are to be returned with in 3 / 5 /10 / 15 days for UG & PG students . However if the document is urgently required, librarian can recall it.
  • If book is retained beyond the limit mentioned above, a fine of Rs . 1/- per book per day will be charged.
  • Loose issues of periodicals and bound volumes, E-Resources, Thesis, Synopsis reference books and books from special collection are not issued outside the library.


Home Lending

The limit of borrowing books at a time for each category of users is as follows. Home lending service is fully manually.

  • Student (U.G.) - 1 Book daily.
  • Student (P.G.) - 2 Books daily.

Reference Service

Library can offer reference service and bibliographic service to the registered users on demand.

Research Projects

Library has under taken a responsibility to prepare a card catalogue form directory of post Graduate research work carried out by various P.G. Scholar M.D. (Chikitsa) M.D. (Swasthavritta) & MS (Shalya) MS (Shalakya)

Library Automation

The Library has been partial Automated by using a software called LIBSOFT so that day to day in house activities can be performed quickly, smoothly and accurately l.e. (a) Procurement of books (b) Technical Processing (c) Circulation (d) Serial control (e) OPAC Search (f) Maintenance.

Computerized Services

OPAC: Library catalogue search Searching for a book on particular topic can be done with the help of subject list with on line public-Access catalog kept near circulation counter.
Local Area network has been installed in library with one Pentium IV and two Nodes. One node for circulation (work under progress) second for creation and updation of in-house & users to access the databases & E-Books.
News Paper clippings pertaining to the Newspapers/periodicals/Family Doctor Magazines. Indian Practitioner, The Antiseptic etc.
E-Library: Only For Searching E-books on particular topic can be done with the help of title, subject with on line. Near about 1850 E-books are kept near Circulation Counter. For given and taken References only. C.D. Writing, Pen drive and Printouts are Not allowed.

Library Books at Glance

Total No. of Books Subscribed Periodicals Audio Visuals Daily News Papers Dissertations & Thesis Manuscripts
12,678 32(Tentetive) 60 5 135 09