Free Squint surgery Camp

Is conducted during 15th Aug. to 15th Sept. every year by LIMCA Book Award Winning Trust in association with Vidarbha Ayurved Mahavidyalaya.

Contact Person:

  • Dr. Jyoti Dakhore, M.S. (Ayu). Mob.: 9623276960
  • Dr. Devendra Chaudhari, M.S. (Ayu). Mob.: 9850355727

Free Diagnostic Camp - Quarterly

Contact Person:

Dr. Vaishali Wankhede
M.D. (Ayu) Kayachikitsa
Phone - 0721-2674562

Suvarnaprashan Camp- Every month (Pushya nakshatra)

Contact Person:

Dr. Nilesh Ingle
MD (Ayu) Balrog
Phone - 9822648179

Free Panchkarma Camp

Contact Person:

Dr. Shilpa Deshpande
M.D. (Ayu) Panchakarma
Phone - 9096197253


CME / Webinar/ Lecture Series/E-Talks/Workshops

  • Gurusmaran - National Seminar - 7 January 2024 - Click Here
  • National Webinar on "Annavaha Srotas-2020" endorsed by MUHS Nashik, held on 12 & 13 Aug 2020.
  • E-talk on "Organ Donation" conducted by Sharir Rachana Department held on 19 Aug 2020.
  • National level Quiz Competition & Lecture Series conducted by Sanskrit Samhita Siddhant Department held in month of Sept 2020.
  • National Webinar on "Squint" conducted by Shalakya Department held on 16 Sept 2020.
  • E-talk on "Malnutrition" Conducted by Kaumarbhritya Department held on 23 Sept 2020.
  • National level Slogan Competition on "Breast Milk- Best Boon for Baby" held from 1-7 Aug 2020.
  • E-talk on "Maata Evum Garbhini Poshan" conducted by Swasthavritta Department held on 29 Sept 2020.
  • Online Workshop on "International Yoga Day" held on 21 June 2020.

Guest Lecture/ Lecture Series/E-Talks/Workshops


NSS Activity 2023-24

 Details of Activities(Click here)

Contact Person:

Dr. Devendra Choudhari
MS (Ayu) Shalakya
Phone - 8208501419