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Faculties (Staff)

  1. Dr. Mrs. Vaishali Wankhade (Deshmukh)
    M.D. (Ayu) Kayachikitsa,
    Associate Prof. & HOD
  2. Dr.Sharad Deshmukh
  3. Dr.Kiran Mayee
    Associate Prof.
  4. Dr.Varsha Netawane
    Asst. Prof.
  5. Dr.Pranali Barapatre
    Asst. Prof.
  6. Dr. Akash Changole
    Asst. Prof.

Available Facilities

  1. OPD facilities are available - Well equipped OPD.
  2. Well equipped IPD including - One female one male ward of 25 beds each
  3. Special Ayurved treatments available for Hemiplegia (paralysis), facial paralysis, Acne(Pimples), Osteoporosis, Vatavyadhis, Sciatic, Amavata, Rheumatic arthritis, Osteoarthritis, Spondylo-arthritis Hair fall, Obesity, Worm infestation, Diabetes (Madhumeha), Anaemia (Pandu), Jaundice (Kamala), Ascitis (Udar) and various skin disorders like Psoriasis, Ezema etc
  4. The PG Dept of college has well equipped Departmental library.
  5. The PG intake of the department is two(2) students per year