About Us



Faculties (Staff)

  1. Dr. Manjusha S. Kalmegh, M.D. (Ayu)
    Associate Prof. & HOD.
  2. Dr. Kalindi M. Sabnis
    Asso. Professor.
  3. Dr. Ravi Suryawanshi
    Asst. Prof.
  4. Dr. Monali Mohite
    Asst. Prof.

Available Facilities

  1. Well equipped major operation theater
  2. Well equipped minor operation theater with OPD
  3. Well equipped IPD
  4. Speciality in General Surgeries like Hernia, Hydrocele & anorectal diseases like Fistula in Ano ( sharsutrapariwartan), Haemorhoids and Fissure in Ano etc
  5. Speciality in para-surgical procedures like Raktamokshan and Agnikarma etc.
  6. PG Department with Library.